Tetris Russian Building Block Jigsaw Puzzle Brain Teaser Develop Challenge Family Party Game Education Toy俄罗斯方块-T206


Brain game: 
This classical puzzle is combined from Tetris puzzle and Tangram puzzle. The Wood pattern blocks are a fun and creative way for your children to explore shapes and symmetries.

Tetris wood: Educational toys made from high quality natural wood and plastics, environmentally friendly water-based paint. The tetris blocks are well made and polished, preventing children to get hurt from it.

- How to play: 
Tetris Brain Teaser Puzzle has a lot of gameplay. You can put together different combinations with your creativity, e.g. combine umbrella, flower, pyramid, plane, human, robot, etc. A nice toy that inspires young and old.

Educational toys: 
Tetris helps develop intelligence and trains children's hand-eye coordination. Seemingly simple, but with many changes and different levels of difficulty. The arrangement, connection, ringing, symmetry, etc. in the building blocks of the millions of tireless tetris are all good for children's intelligence.

-Instruct baby correct understanding of various geometric shapes and colors forehead
-Instruct baby thinking ability and exercise baby conversion relations, understanding, reasonable collocation blocks space imagination
-Instruct baby in the actual operation process, train baby hand brain application
-Really great brain test toys apply to different IQ player
-Good way to improve your divergent thinking and patience
-Great fun for all the family, keeps the kids busy for hours

-Improve your concentrations
-Improve the hand-eye combination
-Improve your thinking IQ level
-Improve overall cognitive skills
-Improve color perception

Size: 25cm x 18cm x 2cm
Materials: Wood & ABS
Warranty: No
Age: 3 years and above

这个经典的谜题是俄罗斯方块谜题和七巧板谜题的结合。 木质图案块是您的孩子探索形状和对称性的一种有趣且富有创意的方式。

俄罗斯方块木:采用优质天然木材和塑料、环保水性涂料制成的益智玩具。 俄罗斯方块制作精良且抛光,可防止儿童受伤。

- 怎么玩:
俄罗斯方块脑筋急转弯拼图有很多游戏玩法。 您可以发挥自己的创造力,将不同的组合组合在一起,例如 结合了雨伞、花朵、金字塔、飞机、人类、机器人等。一个激发年轻人和老年人的好玩具。

俄罗斯方块有助于开发智力并训练孩子的手眼协调能力。 看似简单,却变化多端,难度各异。 数百万个不知疲倦的俄罗斯方块的积木中的排列、连接、响铃、对称等,都对孩子的智力有好处。

- 提高发散思维和耐心的好方法
- 适合全家人一起玩耍,让孩子们忙上几个小时


材质:木材和 ABS