8 Pcs Learning Chinese Word Puzzle 8 Boards in A Set Puzzle Belajar Perkataan Cina学习中文字识字拼图-T206


0-6岁是宝宝大脑发育的关键期,也是智力开发的黄金阶段 多样化的早教内容,
色彩鲜艳的画面 有针对性地对宝宝进行早教启蒙 可以激活更多脑细胞有效链接,并事半功倍地开发宝宝大脑 色彩清新搭配生动形象的识字拼图内容丰富,能持续吸引宝宝注意力 让宝宝识字更迅速。








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Are the kids bored with traditional learning methods and the parents wonder how to teach the kids Mandarin?
Here introduces a Chinese word puzzle board card learning which can promote learning through playing among the kids. We have 8 different types of puzzles covering image/opposite, character, animal, nature, food, life, school, and learning. All the puzzle comes with relevant image and the kids need to match the Chinese word against the relevant image. This undoubtedly is an alternative way of learning for the kids. Happy learning, happy kids, and happy parents.

- 8 Theme, total 256 Word
- Fun Puzzle
- Word to match picture, easily learning Chinese Character
- Convenient take

Product Size/产品尺寸: 28cm x 0.2cm x 20.2cm

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