Magnetic Sudoku Game磁性数独游戏(Ready Stock)-t083


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SKU: MagneticSudoku-T083

Weight(grams): 500

Dimension: 24 cm (Length) x 24 cm (Width) x 4 cm (Height)

Sudoku game designed to help improve children's concentration, logical thinking ability, observation skills, and reaction time. Here's a summary of the key features you mentioned:

  1. Educational Benefits: The game is designed to enhance children's concentration, logical thinking ability, observation skills, and reaction time. Sudoku is often regarded as a game that challenges one's mind and encourages critical thinking.
  2. Portable Magnetic Design: The game comes in a portable design with magnetic elements. This makes it easy to carry and play on the go, ensuring that children can engage in intellectual activities wherever they are.
  3. Multiple Sudoku Variations: The game includes different Sudoku variations, such as 4-palace, 6-palace, and 9-palace Sudoku puzzles. This variety allows for increasing levels of difficulty and ensures that children can progress as they improve their skills.
  4. 915 Questions: With a total of 915 Sudoku puzzles, the game offers a wide range of challenges, ensuring that children have plenty of opportunities to practice and develop their problem-solving abilities.
  5. Dimensions: The game has a weight of 0.5 kg and dimensions of 22 x 22 x 2 cm, making it a compact and easy-to-store educational tool.
  6. Hashtags: You included hashtags such as #sudoku and #magneticsudoku to help promote the product on social media platforms or to categorize it for online marketing.

This product appears to be a valuable educational tool for children, combining the popular Sudoku puzzle with a magnetic and portable design to make learning and brain training more engaging and accessible.

  • 磁性设计:这款数独游戏具有磁性设计,使得棋盘和数字块能够轻松粘附,而不容易掉落。这有助于确保游戏棋盘的稳定性,让孩子们更容易集中精力解决问题。
  • 不同难度等级:这款游戏包含了4宫、6宫和9宫数独玩法设计,共有915道题目。不同的难度等级可以根据孩子的年龄和能力进行选择,从而逐步提高挑战水平,培养孩子的逻辑思维和解决问题的能力。
  • 便携设计:由于重量轻(0.5公斤)且尺寸紧凑(22222厘米),这个数独游戏非常适合携带。孩子们可以在户外、旅行或在学校之间轻松携带和使用。


  • Untuk meningkatkan kepekatan kanak-kanak, keupayaan pemikiran logik, daya pemerhatian, dan keupayaan tindak balas.
  • Reka bentuk mudah alih dengan magnet, mengandungi empat istana, enam istana, reka bentuk permainan sudoku sembilan istana, dengan 915 soalan.
  • Berat 0.5kg
  • Saiz 22222cm