Stacking Cup Game Speed Stack Cup Hand-speed Competitive Competition/Permainan Susun Cawan/叠杯子游戏-T176


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SKU: StackingGame-T176

Weight(grams): 400

Dimension: 28 cm (Length) x 28 cm (Width) x 7 cm (Height)


  1. Suitable for two players, ideal for family gatherings.
  2. Helps train children's hand-eye coordination and reaction abilities.
  3. Strengthens children's color cognition.
  4. Made of high-quality materials with a smooth surface and no burrs.
  5. Uses safe water-based paint that is non-toxic and odorless.

How to Play:

Step One: Game Configuration

  • You need a competition table, 32 cup bodies, and 32 cup covers.

Step Two: Install the Lid

  • Install the cup covers according to the pattern on the box. Make sure the color of the cup body is different from the color of the lid.

Step Three: Two-Player Game

  • Divide the 32 cups equally between the two players. Each player should have 16 cups, with 4 of each color. Arrange these cups in 4 rows, ensuring that the cup lids have different colors.

Step Four: Start the Game

  • Press the color change button located in the middle of the arena to determine the starting color. This indicates which color the players should match.

Step Five: Game Rules

  1. The objective of the game is to match the color of the first cup you pick with the color displayed in the color-changing window.
  2. Continuously stack the cups, ensuring that the color of the cup body matches the color of the lid below it. The goal is to see who can stack the cups the fastest.
  3. The player who successfully stacks the cups with the correct colors in the shortest time wins the game.

This game appears to be a fun and engaging activity that promotes color recognition and dexterity in children while providing an enjoyable competition for two players.


  • 适合两名玩家,是家庭聚会的理想选择。
  • 帮助培养儿童的手眼协调和反应能力。
  • 增强儿童的色彩认知。
  • 由高质量材料制成,表面光滑,无毛刺。
  • 使用安全的水性颜料,无毒无味。



  • 您需要一张比赛桌,32个杯身,和32个杯盖。


  • 根据盒子上的图案安装杯盖。确保杯身的颜色与盖子的颜色不同。


  • 将32个杯子平均分配给两名玩家。每个玩家应该有16个杯子,其中包括4种不同的颜色。将这些杯子排成4行,确保杯盖的颜色不同。


  • 按下竞技场中央的颜色更换按钮,确定起始颜色。这表示玩家应该匹配哪种颜色。


  1. 游戏的目标是将您第一次选取的杯子的颜色与颜色更改窗口中显示的颜色匹配。
  2. 不断地堆叠杯子,确保杯身的颜色与下面的杯盖颜色相匹配。目标是看谁能以最快的速度堆叠杯子。
  3. 成功以正确颜色堆叠杯子并用最短的时间获胜的玩家赢得游戏。